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“Everybody Can Save A Life!” Video Contest

May 1, 2012

Welcome to the second annual Matching Donors competition! Last year’s contest was a tremendous success with an amazing array of videos promoting the altruistic organ donation through The winning Zooppa video has even been broadcast on national television and its creator, Rob Micai, has gone on to land new work because of because of his submission.

Here is your second opportunity to earn a little cash, work alongside prestigious Hollywood professionals, and, most importantly, help save a life!

Everybody Can Save A Life! is a video contest to raise awareness about being a living organ donor on Nineteen people die every day in the United States waiting for a kidney transplant. The team at is working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. is a 501c3 non-profit and the world’s largest online living organ donor non-profit organization. Learn more about MatchingDonors at

Your mission
Make a 30-second video that promotes, celebrates, and/or teaches about being a living organ donor on Your video must prominently feature both of the two following phrases in order to be considered:

* “Everybody can Save a Life by being a living organ donor on”

* “Nineteen people die every day waiting for an organ transplant”

Other than that requirement, the creative approach you take on your video is up to you!

A serious approach could be to document the life of a transplant recipient and what altruistic organ donation means to them and their loved ones.

A funny approach could highlight the lighter side of living organ donation. For instance, what slapstick hijinks could happen if a well-meaning but clumsy person was in charge of delivering the organ? No matter the obstacle, could the organ still find its way to the recipient?

While the creative direction your choice, be mindful that these video will be used as Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to promote, so they should represent the process of organ donation in a positive manner.

This is a great opportunity for video makers of all skill levels to help raise awareness about a remarkable non-profit organization and cause.


The First Place winner will not only receive a $1,000 cash award, but will also be given two tickets to and invited to attend and socialize with Hollywood’s biggest stars at the Hollywood Awards® Gala ceremony on Monday October 22, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California (airfare and lodging not included). The Hollywood Awards® Gala launches the awards season and recognizes excellence in the established Hollywood community by bestowing awards to both those in front of and those behind the camera. The Gala is "the first mandatory stop in the awards season," says The New York Times. But that's not all, the First Place winner will also be awarded a choice of assistant producing and/or work & credits on a television show, movie or music video with one of our judges (see the list of judges below; subject to availability).

For Example:

* Assistant Digital Artist work & credits on a Disney Movie, Pixar Movie, or Lollipop Shaders production with Brad Falk.

* Assistant production work or internship on a 20th Century Fox or Fox television production through Tom Cavanaugh.

* Assistant producing work & credits on a television show, ESPN Special, History Channel Special, or Cross Cut Production with Brad Hebert.

* Assistant producing work & credits on a Bowery Boys Productions, Inc. movie with Endrick Lekay.

* Assistant producing work on a "Dog the Bounty Hunter" episode, "Parking Wars" episode or another television show with Hybrid Films and Daniel Elias.

* Assistant producing work & credits on a National Lampoon Movie with Alan Donnes.

* Assistant producing work & credits on an iPhone social game with Damon Danieli.

The Second Place winner will receive the choice of one of the remaining of assistant producing and/or work & credits on a television show, movie or music video with one of our judges.

The Third Place winner will receive the choice of one of the remaining assistant producing and/or work & credits on a television show, movie or music video with one of our judges.


Winners will be selected by an illustrious panel of high-profile entertainment industry judges.

See our list of illustrious judges

Contest participants have the option to designate which judge they would like to personally review their submission by inserting the judge’s name in the description field of their submission during the upload process. Judges may at their discretion give special attention to videos addressed to them but will consider all submissions when recommending the top three winning videos.

To ensure that your video submission has the best chance to win, be sure to indicate which judge you would like to individually review your submission in the description field your video during upload.

The Entry Period ends September 25th, 2012.


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